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945 in the east wing of the Tutankhamun Gallery This initiation zone is designed to serve as a living example for what will be museum wide renovation and rehabilitation works in later stages and provide a lasting testimony to the value of public private partnerships in the conservation and revival of cultural heritage Within this zone sustainability issues such as preventive conservation of the museum s priceless artefacts and the maintenance of the display galleries will be thoroughly addressed The studies carried out during the first phase of the Revival of the Egyptian Museum Initiative were expanded to also cover the museum s outdoor surroundings which have had tremendous negative impacts on the museum itself its collection and visitation potential In this sense the Revival Initiative is not only about the museum building itself but its entire grounds as well as its surroundings This holistic approach to the entire area aspires to raise the quality of life of the surrounding community and benefit one of Cairo s liveliest urban centres and tourist attractions The Egyptian Museum in Cairo should remain a cultural hub where Egyptians and tourists alike can contemplate the past discover shared histories and reclaim their national identity in a setting that inspires and elevates consciousness In a country at such a transitional and critical moment of its history the Egyptian Museum can function as a place of inspiration and pride The Egyptian Museum is one of the most famous museums in the world Everyone in Germany learns about ancient Egypt in school we learn about the technology the culture and daily life Therefore every German child grows up with a love and respect for this world heritage Ramesh de Silva Head of Culture and Education German Embassy

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