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8original state means reclaiming the country s heritage and its glory In the words of Mariette a French conservator of Egyptian monuments and later founding father and first Director of the Egyptian Museum I knew I would die or go mad if I did not return to Egypt immediately This was said upon his departure from his first visit echoing the thoughts of many of our modern day tourists The Revival of the Egyptian Museum Initiative serves to keep that sentiment alive Today Mariette s body lies near the artefacts he struggled all his life to collect protect and place on display he rests beneath his mausoleum and bronze statue in the garden of the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square with the Revival Initiative commemoration stone in his full view The Revival of the Egyptian Museum Initiative is dedicated to defining the future role of the Egyptian Museum within the local and international museum landscape and giving it the credit it has been long overdue This initiative was instigated in May 2012 with the aim of studying the museum s existing conditions and developing a practicable plan for its full rehabilitation The initiative was funded by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Centre for International Migration and Development It was executed by Environmental Quality International EQI an internationally acclaimed investment and consulting firm specialising in natural and cultural heritage conservation and sustainable development Together the Ministry of Antiquities and a high calibre team of local and international architects engineers conservators Egyptologists environmentalists and botanists worked closely to define and launch the execution of the Revival Initiative The implementation of the initiative was made possible by an exemplary public private partnership engaging members of the business community research institutions and scholars both locally and internationally The museum building as it stands today appears to have undergone significant modifications over the past decades most of which have harmed the overall homogeny of the building and its architecture The Revival Initiative s aim is to address the pressing physical needs of the Egyptian Museum and to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to present the museum as it was originally intended to be seen so that it remains a reference destination for both national and international visitors To this end the Revival Initiative team has carried out a series of physical rehabilitation works inside a limited section of the museum s display galleries notably in Halls 30 35 40 and

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