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6Yet despite its place among the most important museums in the world the Egyptian Museum has suffered significant deterioration over several decades due to neglect inadequate maintenance and unfortunate circumstances Many factors have led to this from Cairo s heavy vehicular traffic and pollution problems to deficiencies in the management of the museum grounds and resources Even the interior of the museum is ailing as the exhibition galleries have been crammed with thousands of artefacts to accommodate an ever growing number of new discoveries resulting in a severe shortage of display space Many of the objects on display are now in urgent need of conservation a problem that is compounded by the lack of environmental monitoring and security systems The Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt has endeavoured to address these critical challenges by launching an ambitious programme for the construction of new museums across the country For more than one hundred years the Egyptian Museum has been a landmark in the centre of downtown Cairo renowned for housing the world s largest collection of Pharaonic art The Egyptian Museum was built at a time when museums were established in urban centres to foster national identity and it has managed to do just that The notable density of artefacts in this one of a kind building attests to the staggering cultural heritage of Egypt s first civilization continuously attracting visitors from all over the world Equally significant is the museum s 19th century Beaux Arts architecture which provides a dignified setting for a rare and exceptional collection which will provide new exhibition areas for thousands of invaluable artefacts in accordance with modern museum standards as set by the International Council of Museums However emptying the Egyptian Museum of its bursting contents raises the question as to the future of this architectural jewel home to a world class cultural heritage since 1902 and the heart of Cairo s pulsing downtown area The Egyptian Museum is quite literally the home of all of Egypt s ancestors and the archive of our life as we know it The building itself the walls that hold all this history is very special Designed by the brilliant Marcel Dourgnon who won the international competition held in search of world wide architectural talent by Khedive Abbas the building was a purpose built museum Many of the world s best museums today were not in fact built for that purpose at all such as the Louvre for example which makes this building even more architecturally exciting Bringing it back to its EGYPT S TREASURY WHERE HISTORY REMAINS

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