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5I am pleased to present the Revival of the Egyptian Museum Initiative Yearbook for 2014 The Ministry of Antiquities has been implementing this initiative in collaboration with Environmental Quality International EQI since May 2012 The decision to restore the museum to its original state as designed by the internationally acclaimed French architect Marcel Dourgnon in the late 19th century has proven to be effective particularly from a heritage conservation vantage point Since its inception the Revival Initiative has been participatory not only on the operational level but also in the envisioning and decision making process The strategy adopted to achieve sustainability in implementing and financing the works emphasises the cooperation between the private and public sectors The initiative includes interventions in architectural restoration maintenance and conservation activities and is also designed to cover the entire Tahrir area and its environs The overarching goal of the initiative is to enhance not only Cairo s position as a cultural travel destination but that of all of Egypt The revival of the home that houses some of the world s most valued treasures is one of our Ministry s priority contributions towards the achievement of this goal A multi pronged strategy was adopted to facilitate the implementation of the initiative It consists of 1 advancing architectural restoration works for the rehabilitation of the museum building by employing fresh university graduates with the requisite skills and providing them with the necessary supervision training and guidance 2 providing technical and managerial training for the museum staff to preserve the monuments and enhance the visitation experience and 3 implementing educational and awareness activities to engage the local community Where buildings are concerned our approach to the physical works is guided by four basic principles 1 sound environmental management and energy conservation practices 2 prevention as a means for improved conservation of the monuments 3 implementation of labour intensive works and 4 maximisation of the impact of on the job training of the young university graduates engaged in the restoration works The physical works currently underway are limited to the restoration of walls floorings and ceiling skylights in four halls situated in the east wing of the Tutankhamun Gallery By the end of 2016 we plan to complete not only the restoration of the entire east and north wings of the gallery but also to address the pressing issues of proper lighting clean up and redisplay of some of the world s most precious artefacts To help develop the community a series of programmes and events engaging the museum staff will be implemented Museum tours lectures art craft educational workshops and public meetings will periodically be organised in the museum grounds to reinforce the relationship between the museum its surrounding community and visitors As we progress in the implementation of this landmark initiative the Ministry of Antiquities is intent on improving the experience of every traveller coming to Egypt to visit the Egyptian Museum It also endeavours to make a major contribution to the understanding and appreciation of Egypt s hospitable and inclusive cultural heritage As such the ultimate success of this seven year initiative may be measured by the extent to which it contributes to the steadfast revival of Egypt s multi cultural identity and the commitment of its people to its renaissance Sincerely yours Prof Dr Mamdouh Eldamaty Minister of Antiquities Foreword by Prof Dr Mamdouh Eldamaty Minister of Antiquities

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