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Sponsors Those who are making the Revival Initiative possible Page 26 Credits The Revival Initiative team Page 27 Future Prospects Where Do We Go from Here The entire scope of the Revival Initiative aims not only to transform the building that is the Egyptian Museum but also to start a domino effect of change in its entire surrounding downtown area Page 20 Background and Architecture Page 22 The Initiation Zone The Home of Tutankhamun Spotlight on the changes happening in the home of one of the most famous historical finds in the world Tutankhamun and his treasures Page 18 The Research and Development Zone From Theories to Realities Two halls have been selected to cement the vision of the Revival Initiative and turn plans and hypotheses into realities Here s how Page 14 The Revival Initiative The Museum Is Changing A detailing of the deterioration of the museum and how the Revival Initiative intends to fix what has gone wrong Page 10 Egypt s Treasury Where History Remains The importance of the Egyptian Museum to the country s essence economy and heritage and the importance of taking it back to its golden era Page 6 Foreword By Prof Mamdouh Eldamaty Minister of Antiquities Page 5 Acknowledgements This initiative would not be made possible without the assistance of these entities and individuals A special thanks to their continued efforts Page 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS

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