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20 Future plans will not only see the Revival Initiative team pursue its architectural restoration works but added emphasis will be placed on the curatorial needs of the museum staff as well as the development of community engagement activities The Revival Initiative aims for a lasting change that will propel a deeply rooted transformation in how the museum and its surrounding environment will be run and treated from here on FUTURE PROSPECTS WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE Where monuments are concerned curatorial training on clean up and redisplay will be provided to museum staff allowing them to carefully maintain the showcases and objects on display in the gallery A set of guidelines of best practices has already been drawn up by EQI and will be applied for the purpose of preserving and protecting the monuments A large but incomplete photo documentation of the Tutankhamun treasures was done by H Carter s photographer H Burton These black and white photos which were taken between 1922 and 1924 cannot serve as reliable references for restoration However these photos had to be used by the Egyptian Museum s restorers when part of the Tutankhamun collection was damaged by vandals who had managed to penetrate the Egyptian Museum during the 25 January 2011 Revolution At that time the then former Minister of Antiquities had to call on Mr Sandro Vannini the Photographer of the Revival Initiative to use some of his digital high resolution stock of images for restoration purposes Unfortunately Mr Vannini s records cover less than ten percent of the collection The total number of the discovered treasures come to 5 398 pieces of which some 4 500 are on display in the Egyptian Museum The remaining 900 partly reside in the storage spaces of the Egyptian and Luxor Museums and are partly exhibited in Luxor All the objects on display in the Tutankhamun Gallery and residing in its We as an embassy build a bridge from Germany to Egypt The revival of the museum and its downtown surroundings are of great importance to us Millions of German tourists come here every year It is therefore natural that we want to support a collaborative effort to save such a precious monument Ramesh de Silva Head of Culture and Education German Embassy

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