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19 Marcel Drougnon did not create a duplicate of an ancient Egyptian tomb which most of the architects competing for the design of the museum opted to do On the contrary he created a conceptual building to house the precious artefacts without obscuring them Emad Farid Architect at EQI it will make the centre of the city remain an important tourist attraction the hospitable urban oasis that it will surely become The rehabilitation activity package was carefully assembled with a view to achieving immediate enhancement of visitation experience as well as the stimulation of public and media interest It is thus worth mentioning that the rehabilitation strategy is light touch causing minimal disturbance of showcases There will be no heavy works where large numbers of showcases have to be moved The proposed works will be carried out without necessitating closure of the rooms under rehabilitation As much as possible the Revival Initiative is designed to avoid having to interrupt the visits and to demonstrate that Egyptians are taking care of their cultural heritage

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