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18 As of November 2013 the Revival Initiative has focused on initiating the implementation of the action plan in the halls housing one of the world s most valued treasures the Tutankhamun collection The fourteen halls comprising the Tutankhamun Gallery the Revival Initiative s initiation zone house the hundreds of artefacts that were found in the virtually intact tomb of the boy King of ancient Egypt more than 90 years ago The discovery of these treasures by H Carter and G Herbert in 1922 is considered to be one of the most significant and spectacular archaeological finds in the world in our modern history The full restoration of the original walls floors and skylights in these halls is currently being carried out THE INITIATION ZONE THE HOME OF TUTANKHAMUN As of December 2014 restoration works have been completed in four halls situated at the entrance of the east wing of the Tutankhamun Gallery namely Halls 30 35 40 and 45 While EQI is committed to completing the rehabilitation of the initiation zone in two years a work plan by hall has been devised to cover the revival of the entire museum over a period of seven years Architects Emad Farid and Ramez Azmy elaborate on the gruelling process behind this task A lot of what we discovered in the research development and initiation phases was the staggering amount of unrecorded engineering modifications to the museum building infrastructure and its environs that have accumulated over the past 60 years It was like a landmine of details explained Ramez Emad added But because of that a feat of paperwork and approvals that allowed us to work on reviving the museum in the best possible manner was attained It is precisely because of this success that we have the requisite level of assurance that the museum revival plans will indeed be executed to the desired standards over the next six years As they are being implemented the revival activities currently underway in the first four halls of the east wing of the Tutankhamun Gallery will send an important message to the outside world and to all Egyptians that Egypt is proud of its history and strongly wishes to preserve its cultural heritage Dr Mahmoud El Halwagy Director of the Egyptian Museum put it best This initiative reinforces the relevance of the Egyptian Museum and highlights its historical importance in the light of all the new museums that are currently being built in the city Reviving

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