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16 current display and conservation conditions of all the above mentioned masterpieces need to be upgraded so the proposed works also include measures to ensure the sustainability of the artefacts and to enhance their viewing potential The museum was designed with a natural ventilation system which the Revival Initiative team believes is the best system for such a building eliminating the need for the installation of a centralised heavy and expensive air conditioning system On the other hand the existing lighting system which relies both on the skylights and over more recent decades on artificial lights is obviously insufficient to provide adequate lighting for all the displayed artefacts Restoration of the skylights with Triplex UV filtering glass panes to reduce the negative effects of sunlight has been carried out in Hall 32 during the research and development phase The Revival Initiative team s colour investigation plan is based on a study of Dourgnon s original drawings as well as on a scientific analysis led by Rolf Ernst the team s Conservator and Colour Research Consultant of the original paints that were applied at the time of the museum s inauguration It was complemented by a field investigation in several longitudinal sections of Halls 32 and 37 where no less than eight layers of paint were removed to unveil the original four basic colours Pompeian red on the lower part of the wall pistachio green on the upper part of the wall grey stripes at different levels of the walls and a light beige sand colour for the upper mouldings This was done by a team of conservators The restoration plan for the original colours was based upon the removal of the multiple layers of invasive paints and the application of differently coloured naturally abundant Egyptian oxides instead of acrylics for wall retouching and restoration It was deemed best to keep the Carrara marble flooring on the ground floor and invest in its sanding polishing and clean up rather than its replacement However on the second floor the Revival Initiative team determined that the removal by a team of specialised conservators of the recently added multiple layers of awful linoleum rolls tiles bitumen and cement was indeed absolutely necessary to uncover repair

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