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15 The selection of the two research and development zone halls from among the museum s multitude of rooms was based on architectural parameters as well as on the fact that they contain some of the most well known masterpieces of the collection The two halls comprising the research and development zone are Hall 32 ground and upper floors and Hall 37 ground floor From an architectural point of view it is known that Dourgnon s design of double height rooms with mezzanines and sunlight penetrating through a glass ceiling gave him an edge over his competitors in the eyes of the jury These distinctive architectural features allowed natural light to sufficiently illuminate a two floor building and it is believed that Dourgnon won the competition for the museum mainly on the grounds of this design which is very much visible in the selected area Moreover the adjacent hall Hall 37 was originally supposed to be used as a storage area although it was subsequently modified and divided into two separate floors through the construction of a new intermediate floor The area above this new floor is used for storage while the ground floor is used for the display of objects and is open to the public This transformation turned Hall 37 into a dark windowless room Halls 32 and 37 contain most of the design and engineering features present in the seven other atriums of the museum there are eight atriums altogether so any works could easily be replicated in these other areas From a historical cultural point of view these halls have on display several important and world renowned pieces from the 4th and 5th Dynasties including sculptures of Nofret and Rahotep the dwarf Seneb and his family Sneferu Khufu as well as the unique funerary goods of Queen Hetepheres In addition the first floor of Hall 32 contains wooden miniature models depicting the daily life of the ancient Egyptians The

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