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14 Making this initiative happen will signal the rebirth of Egypt its modern renaissance This entire zone of downtown Cairo is vital It has become a centre of attention worldwide for a myriad of reasons in recent years This attention is an opportunity for us to show Egypt in its best attire and offer its guests an unforgettable experience Dr Mounir Neamatalla Founder of EQI In order to develop a realistic and practicable plan for the revival of the Egyptian Museum two halls have been selected for research to pollinate the engineering and curatorial efforts envisaged It was the only way to illustrate on the ground the dire need for change These two halls which have been defined as a research and development zone have set the benchmark for works to be initiated in Halls 30 35 40 and 45 of the Tutankhamun Gallery which will ultimately serve as a pilot test for the works to be carried out museum wide Ramesh De Silva Head of Culture and Education at the German Embassy in Cairo one of the backbone supporters of this initiative explains the merits of the research and development zone We aimed for an overarching idea and plan covering technical and aesthetic considerations on how to revive the museum However as we could not fund the entire renovation at that point we were definitely interested in seeing this plan materialise in actuality with the support of other potential funding parties in order to actually witness what the Revival Initiative is all about THE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ZONE FROM THEORIES TO REALITIES

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