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13 Every aspect of the museum needs to be improved It will be expensive but if we manage to go through with the revival we will be able to maintain it as a vital piece of our own heritage It is now the home of all the artefacts It needs to be revered and honoured Dr Mahmoud El Halwagy Director of the Egyptian Museum Square itself over an area where an underground garage is presently being built Together with the proposed western extension towards the River Nile this southern extension will create a vast open L shaped garden in the middle of which would stand the historical building The Tahrir Garden will create a pedestrian thoroughfare and visual continuity from the front of the museum to the subway stations located at Tahrir Square The importance of dealing with the entire Egyptian Museum site in a holistic manner is fundamental according to Dr Mounir Neamatalla who believes that if this initiative is realised it would not only survive and be well managed but it will kick start a self propelling change in downtown Cairo in its entirety The Revival Initiative further proposes the redesigning of the museum s main garden to the south as an Egyptian Botanical Garden which will serve as an encyclopaedia of indigenous Egyptian plants extending towards the Nile

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